What my clients say about me


Francois Coetzee - Founder Xpdian, Johannesburg

 I am very lucky to have worked with Lyle as a coaching client.

Through his coaching ability and process, he has opened my eyes to possibilities that I could not perceive on my own, leading to accelerated growth and learning for me 

Christopher Hughes - Founder Helm & Property LLC, New York

I have known Lyle and worked with him professionally for over six years in the field of leadership development. Lyle is one of the best facilitators and executive coaches. He has an excellent ability to work with middle and senior managers in a way that helps them progress to the next level of leadership.

Lyle's knowledge of many businesses and industries allows him to relate skills and tools directly to real world situations and challenges, helping his clients take specific actions that improve their managements skills and increase productivity.  

Lorraine Rooney - Director at Prestige HR, Belfast

I would highly recommend Lyle's training and coaching services. We have worked as business partners developing a successful Business Academy where Business Owners can learn, support and work together on building and achieving their business goals through innovation and inspiration. 

Lyle is extremely committed to the delegates, our consultancy and the programme. 

He has high standards of professionalism which are unquestionable along with his knowledge, experience and expertise he shares with the group. 

We enjoy working with Lyle who represents our organisation and look forward to a strong working future together 

Jason Donaghy - Principal Consultant at Jason Donaghy Consulting, Belfast

 Lyle is an inspiring 'can-do' guy! I have worked with him on a number of business initiatives and I would have no problem whatsoever recommending him as a top-class coach and trainer. He leaves no detail to chance! His international experience and perspective is outstanding 

Tim Taylor - Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at Brilliant Button, Belfast

Lyle is an exceptional consultant. His integrity is unquestionable and his attention to detail remarkable. In 15 years Lyle has never let a client down in terms of delivery commitments. 

His best work is when he is helping mangers new to leadership discern the subtle differences between these two disciplines and uses this as a platform to introduce the larger changes that leadership demands.

Lyle is focused and detailed. He is personable and genuinely interested in producing positive outcomes for his clients and importantly, his participants 

Paul Gordon - Photography and Design Consultant, Belfast

Lyle has been a real positive influence for me and my business in terms of his mentoring capabilities and the vast experience he brings with him. 

Sector Experience


Food Manufacturing

For the past 5 years, I've been involved in rolling out a multi-levelled leadership programme in four different sites in N Ireland and ROI.



Facilitated a multi-tiered Leadership programme at local sites of a major global engineering company in N Ireland and England


Community Youth Organisations

Facilitated a number of workshops and coaching interventions to help the leadership teams of three international youth organisations set a clear picture of their future and develop into high performing teams


Multinational Mass Media and Information

For a period of seven years, I was part of a team that facilitated a three-month leadership programme for the Managers of Managers of a global client in seven countries


Local SMEs

I regularly work with SME owner/managers to help them understand the importance and the how of Leadership and how to create the time to 'do' Leadership. Investing time in this space helps develop a clear picture of a successful future, create a joined up strategy and then build a high performing team who are fully engaged.


Financial Institutions

I have worked with banks, building societies and wealth and asset management companies to help develop the leadership skills of junior members of their management structure.