About Me

My Experience


For the past 20 years I have gained experience as a successful and sought after independent Trainer, Coach and Business Mentor .


Over the years I have worked across a wide range of sectors in some 16 countries. My work has taken me into financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers in the food and drink industries, telecommunication organisations, industry leaders in petroleum and aluminium, manufacturers serving the motor industry as well as various government departments, local SMEs, charities, youth and church organisations.

Past winner of 'Business Person of the Year Award', multiple Gold Award winner for community projects, 'Volunteer of  the Year' [Prince's Trust] and 'Outstanding Individual Contribution Award' [Business in the Community]

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My Approach


My view of Leadership is that, whilst it's not always easy, it is simple.  This view is moulded by my many years experience in the corporate world and working  with a range of local and global companies.

So, my approach is simple. I will help you create an exciting picture of the future and then work with you to develop a high performing team of individuals who are fully engaged and will want to work with you to achieve your company's or team's vision of success - whilst realising their own personal aspirations.

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What next?


My solution to your Leadership development needs will very much depend on your current situation, your challenges and your aspirations.

And so I will arrange to have an initial chat with you by phone or face-to-face. This will help me understand your issues and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

I will then be able to present you with a bespoke solution that could take the form of masterclasses, workshops, longer term programmes or one-to-one coaching.

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